Badlands Motorsports Resort


The development features a world-class motorsports facility designed by the greatest race track designer in history.  Alan Wilson crafted a comprehensive and flexible facility that caters to a wide range of drivers,  providing experiences so diverse that even the most accomplished drivers will enjoy it over and over again.

With 37 racetrack designs implemented around the world, Alan Wilson is the most accomplished course designer in the world.  More than just a designer who gets the job done, Wilson’s work has won multiple awards. His tracks are recognized for providing unrivaled safety along with challenging and rewarding driving experiences.

Designed by Alan Wilson

“The world’s most prolific racetrack designer.” -Automobile

Completed Track Designs

International Awards

Acres of Badlands

Incredible Facility



North Track

The first priority for construction is this high-speed road course that can be run in five unique configurations. In full configuration the North Track is 4.8 km (3.0 mile) long and rivals any track in North America for all out speed.  High-powered cars will reach up to 280kph, benefiting from Alan Wilson’s renowned safety design standards.


Valley Track

Construction of the Valley Track will immediately follow the North Track. This 3.2 km (2.0 mile) winding road course integrated with the coulees, features more elevation changes than any course in North America. A steep descent, built onto a large knoll on the property features a significant 12% slope.



A skidpad is an often overlooked but critical element of motorsports activity that facilitates driver training, vehicle testing, and competition events like autocross.  The Badlands Motorsports Resort facility features a large 12 acre polymer skidpad.

Kart Track

A 1.6 km (1.0 mile) multi-configuration kart track can service competitive races, training events, as well as visitor recreation.

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  • Visitor Experiences
  • Race Weekends
  • Driving Schools

Serving a Large User Group

A comprehensive facility with a four unique driving courses, when completed Badlands Motorsports Resort has the ability to serve up to six groups simultaneously.  A wide range of users will have access to the facility through public visitor programs, club and corporate group rentals, as well as exclusive membership access.

Public education, motorsports orientation programs, and a range of on-site amenities will draw new visitors to the facility and expand the user group by producing a demographic of new motorsport participants.

North Track

The centre-piece of the entire development is the Alan Wilson designed North Track.  Located on the property’s upper plateau, the North Track is designed to rival any track in North America for all-out speed and racing experience. Guided by FIA Class 2 specifications, the track is 40ft in width and meets the highest standards of safety.

Serviced by two independent paddock areas, the track has the flexibility to operate in five different configurations and host multiple groups at a time.

Feet of Asphalt


Track Configurations



Triple Threat

The “triple apex” turn 3 is modelled after two world-renowned corners.  Istanbul Parks Turn 8 is known as the longest corner in Formula 1. 2016 Champion Nico Rosberg said of the turn, “If I had to create a fantasy Formula One circuit, this corner would definitely be included!”  Alan Wilson styled a similar corner for Utah Motorsports Campus which he dubbed the “Three Devils.”  It is one of his favorite corners on a race track anywhere.

A high speed pull

The back straight, defined by the West side of the development property, runs more than 800 meters long in full track configuration.  High-powered vehicles would have the potential to reach speeds approaching 280kph.  This straight section of track would allow a form of competition known as “Drag-In Laps” popularized by the Wilson designed NOLA, run on the South Loop of the track.


Emphasis on safety

Focused on the driving experience, the track features large run-off zones where others might feature spectator observation areas.  In order to prioritize a welcoming and rewarding driving experience, runoff areas are asphalt where possible.



A slightly revised version of the full layout, featuring a chicane at the end of the back straight, reducing overall braking load and extending run-off.


Configuration 3 eliminates the high speed sections of the full course. Running out of the main paddock, this configuration will be a staple for visitor programs and schools.


A shorter 1.9 km (1.2 mile) loop based out of the South paddock, Configuration 4 will be suitable for small groups, eductional sessions, and low powered cars.


Configuration 5 includes the chicane on its main straightaway for lower overall speeds, and additional excitement for drivers who enjoy the thrill of attacking corners.

Kart Track


The 1.6 km (1.0 mile) multi-configuration kart track is a critical element of the facility, serving as an all-ages recreation zone and a critical tool for introducing new participants to performance driving.  Large enough to accommodate multiple groups at a time and the highest level competitions and races, the Kart track will be a significant draw for all visitors to Badlands Motorsports Resort. As designer Alan Wilson says, “by definition, you can not get out of a kart without a smile on your face.”



The greatest asset of any motorsports facility is asphalt, and Badlands Motorsports Resort has more than 12 acres set aside for a skidpad area. Uses for the skidpad might include:

  • driver training
  • vehicle testing
  • competition events like autocross
  • additional storage and parking for large events

Constructed of polymer asphalt for motorsports purposes, the skidpad will be an invaluable element of the motorsports facility operation.  For major events such as national level autocross or manufacturer demo programs, the skidpad could be expanded up to a total of 18 acres by incorporating the neighbouring North Track paddock area.

Valley Track

A winding road designed with one thing in mind – the experience of driving. Set in the valley below the main elements of the development, the Valley Track is a 3.2 km (2.0 mile) masterpiece by Alan Wilson. Integrated with the coulees and natural landscape of the Badlands, the Valley Track features more elevation changes than any other track in North America.

Climbing a large knoll in the centre of the property, the Valley Track turns left and descends a whopping 79ft into the valley over a 700ft span of track. Averaging 12% slope over this period, the Knoll Corner – dubbed “Pergatory” by Alan Wilson – matches the slope of Laguna Seca’s Corkscrew (turns 8) over an even longer length.

Feet of Asphalt


Feet of Elevation Change



Integration with the natural landscape

Designer Alan Wilson stated, “I walked the track and I felt the land and so I designed the track to meet the land. Not to change the land to meet the track.” Integrating some of the most beautiful terrain to ever host a road course, the Valley Track is a stunning experience that combines driving at the limit with breath-taking views and terrain.  Compared to the North Track, the Valley Track is a shorter lap, and a lower speed affair, but from a drivers perspective it is arguably the main attraction.

Unique elevation changes

Steeper than a mountain highway, even steeper than the most famous hill climb in the world, the Valley Track and sections leading up to and following the Knoll Corners 9 & 10 offer extreme elevation changes comparable to that of Laguna Seca’s Corkscrew.  A feature that will attract some drivers, and put fear into others even with ample run off area, the Knoll Corner is sure to be a topic of discussion amongst drivers everywhere.