Badlands Motorsports Resort

Founded by visionary Jay Zelazo, the Badlands Motorsports Resort is a project over a decade in the making. Dedicated to the pursuit of a world-class motorsports facility and resort destination, Zelazo and his team have now partnered with Trevor and Ingo Seibert of Avion Motorsports to make the project come to reality.

It is now ready for construction!

Our Team

Blending passion and experience, our team is positioned to effectively manage and control all stages of the development.

Jay Zelazo

Founder and visionary behind Badlands Motorsports Resort, Dr. Jay Zelazo is an avid motorsports competitor and driving enthusiast.

Trevor Seibert

Trevor began a racing career that started in 1984 on a small asphalt oval in his hometown of Williams Lake, BC and he quickly advanced to the professional level. His experience includes wins and championships on ovals, road and street circuits throughout North America. His resume includes NASCAR, IMSA, SCCA, Player’s GM, Formula Atlantic & Indy Lights.

Notable achievements include a holder of the fasted ever recorded lap time on a half-mile oval and winning the Gilles Villeneuve Memorial Award in 1993 for Outstanding Skill and Determination.

Trevor has driven for many teams over his professional career and in 2005 founded Avion Motorsports which remains a competitive Canadian NASCAR team fielding cars for himself, his son Ryley and other talented drivers.

Ingo Seibert

Growing up in Williams Lake together with his cousin Trevor, Ingo shares a passion for cars and Motorsports. While he was never been an active racer Ingo has always been a car nut.  Ingo is now in his 4th season as the driver of the #16 RS1 car and participates full time in the series. Dating back to his first vehicle and dirt road driving on country roads Ingo continues his lifelong affair with cars and speed at Avion Motorsports.

Ingo, with his sons, Cole and Bryce have a small but growing collection of V8 Muscle. From a 1967 Mustang, a chopped and dropped 1983 Chevy short box a 2017 SS Camaro, a track-ready 2007 335 BMW Coupe and an RS1 track car. Ingos enthusiasm for the traditional enjoyment of driving “old-style” cars is evident. “There is nothing like the sound of a throaty V8 firing up and slowly rumbling down the street or onto the track.” 

The COO for Lake Excavating Ltd and Avion Motorsports Ingo led the project management, planning, and financing programs for the team’s construction of Area27 in 2016.  Since the completion of the track, the Avion Motorsports team has expanded the RS1 series to 16 cars in a full-time series and organized over 35 corporate events at Area27 and the Penticton Speedway.

As a member of Area27 with an extensive background in the world of business from start-up to large corporations, Ingo brings a combination of business knowledge and passion for Motorsports to Avion.

Neil Belenkie

Neil recognized his need for speed at an early age, gravitating to sports that were both exhilarating and unforgiving. Motorsports were a natural progression.

30+ years in Calgary led Neil to a career opportunity with a global pharmaceutical company in Toronto. It took Neil 2 years to realize that he was in Toronto and then he promptly returned to the West, settling in Vancouver, BC with his wife and 4 kids.

For more than 25 years Neil has built his career by completing successful projects. A serial entrepreneur who has founded several companies, Neil also was CEO of a publicly listed multi-national biotech company with locations in Canada and France. Neil’s expertise lies in business growth, leadership, financial strategy and building partnerships.

For Badlands Motorsports, Neil’s extensive skills are focused on financial strategy, membership modeling, legal requirements, partnerships, and marketing.

James Zelazo

Mr. Zelazo is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of public practice experience. Part of the team since the project’s inception, James has played a key role in pushing the Badlands Motorsports Resort development through municipal and environmental approvals.

Hajeir Mazinani

Hajeir found his true calling to Motorsports on his first drive on the freshly paved asphalt of Lake Excavating’s first built track at Area 27. From that day forward, the need for speed became his passion and his business.

Ontario born and Vancouver raised. After graduating from Sauder School of Business at UBC, Hajeir dedicated the next +10 years in Construction and Development. His unquenching drive finally lead him into the Lake Excavating and Avion Motorsports family in 2016 which he continues as the Vice President of Finance and Administration. He has been a key member in the expansion of Avion Motorsports, creating a seamless experience through financial and business development support, keeping the tanks full and the lights on.

As part of the Badlands Motorsports vision, Hajeir shapes the financial models, and provides support in membership modeling, strategy and planning, legal and corporate structures and partnerships.

Ryley Seibert

Ryley began his racing career on an asphalt oval in his hometown of Williams Lake and is a successful driver in the WESCAR Series, a late model oval racing series in BC. He has also raced numerous times in the Canadian NASCAR series including a full season in 2013 where he narrowly missed the Rookie of the Year honours by a single point.

Ryley continues evolving his professional racing talents and is instrumental in the development and testing of the Avion RS1 Track Car thus bearing his initials.

Jeff Steenbakker

Jeff’s motorsports career began in the 1980’s in tractor pulling.  He then moved up to Trans Am, ChumpCar and other series and eventually connected with Al Lebert in 2010.  This is when Jeff began working as a NASCAR Pinty’s Series Crew Chief for Avion Motorsports.

When Avion embarked on the RS1 project Jeff played a key role in building the program from the ground up.  He continues to work on car maintenance, preparations for the track days and races.  

Jeff has also become a valued team member for his coaching for RS1 drivers helping them hone their skills on track.  He can also be seen as host of the very popular STV-Snowmobiler TV program during the winter months.

Al Lebert

Al’s motorsports career started in 1999 at a young age helping a friend clean his race car. His Motorsport career quickly evolved to crewing for a NASCAR team and within a few years he wore every hat in motorsports from team owner, Nascar driver, Crew Chief, Race Car Builder and Team Manager.

In the Spring of 2012 he started a relationship with Trevor Seibert moving Avion Motorsports Nascar team to Ottawa, Ontario. In the Fall of 2015 Al  had the task to design and build a new car called the RS1 for Area 27 Motorsports Park.

Since 2017 he has been working on building a fleet of RS1 track cars as well as managing the Avion Motorsports Nascar team and performing Crew Chief duties for the 69 NPS entry.

Ken Rife

Ken has been an integral part of Avion Motorsports and Area 27 from the onset of the project.  He started by assisting in the building of the track, although his real strength is working with people with event planning, organizing and execution.

Ken is a Vice President with Lake Excavating Ltd. and the lead event planner for Avion Motorsports. Since 2016,Ken and his team have organized over 35 private events at Area27 and Penticton Speedway. Ken’s extensive knowledge of promoting, organizing and managing customer events at a Motorsports facility provides a unique talent to the team. Since the inception, Ken has been organizing corporate events, partner functions, and other specialfunctions consistently expanding Avion Motorsports event program in Western Canada.

Ken Couteau

Ken’s first adventures in racing came in dirt cars. His mechanical aptitude saw him quickly move up the ranks and into different series as a transmission who was in high demand.  He joined the 22 Racing Group and worked extensively in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.

His unique knowledge and skill were the reasons he was brought over to Avion Motorsports to oversee this important area and keep the cars running smoothly.

With such a large fleet of high performance vehicles Ken’s wisdom and talent help keep each car running at peak performance.  

Amanda Peplinski

Amanda is pursuing her passion. She started out as a racing fan and through hard work has been able to make it her full time career. Amanda’s enthusiasm and determination first got her hired in 2014 to work on the Avion Pinty’s Series program.  She has continued to learn and grow with the company and has become a vital part of the RS1 program.

Amanda has made many important contributions to the success of the Avion RS1 program.  She has played a key role in the building and maintenance of every RS1 racecar that has been manufactured.  Her shining personality has also made her the first person drivers and team members want to say hello to at the track. 

Mike McCool

For 30 years Mike has been building the winningest and most durable race cars in Canada with race victories and championships in many different series.  His business has also grown to become the largest part supplier for race teams in multiple series from coast to coast.

With Mike’s expertise and background along with his proven track record, he was the perfect choice to assist Avion with the design and development of the RS1 chassis package and Mike continues to build the chassis for each RS1 racecar to exacting specifications and identical performance on the track.

Planning and Engineering

Development Authority

Environmental Consulting

Sounds Assessments

Road Planning

Engineering Services


October 2005

Land Purchased

With Calgary’s longstanding motorsports facility – Race City Motorsports Park – still in operation, founder Jay Zelazo imagined a second high end motorsports facility for the area. Offering courses designed to the highest safety standards and amenities for all, the vision was for a facility that would encourage motorsports growth and draw visitors from all over the globe.


The perfect plot of land for the development was discovered in October 2005. Nearly a square mile of land located just over an hour North-East of Calgary, the property is composed of a variety of terrain: agricultural lands, beautiful hoodoos, and river valley. After consulting with race track designer and motorsports facility manager Alan Wilson, the property was purchased.

August 2013

ASP Approved

With the concept for the development defined, the Badlands Motorsports Resort Area Structure Plan was passed in Kneehill County as Bylaw 1597. The first step of approvals was complete.

January 2014

Land Use Bylaw Approved

Through Kneehill County Bylaw 1657, the property acquired for the development of Badlands Motorsports Resort was re-zoned from designation A, to DC-4. Bylaw 1657 was later amended in Bylaw 1695 (May 26, 2015).

May 2017

Project Sub-Division Approved

The project lands were approved for sub-division into sections to facilitate development.

June 2017

Development Agreement Completed

The Badlands Motorsports Resort  Comprehensive Site Development Plan is finalized after extensive studies and assessments done in consultation with a professional team of developers and engineers. A Development Agreement with Kneehill County is finalized.

February 2020

Development Agreement & Approvals Updated

Badlands Motorsports Resort Sub-Division Approvals and Development Agreements updated with Kneehill County Municipal Planning Commission. Badlands Motorsports Resort Development Agreement was updated with Kneehill Municipal Council.

March 2020

Environmental Approvals

Approvals under the Alberta Environment & Parks Water Act and Environmental and Protection and Enhancement Acts authorize the placement and/or modification of five wetlands; and the construction, operation, and maintenance of a stormwater management system. These are the final approvals required to start construction.

Looking Forward

An all-encompassing motorsports facility set in a stunning landscape, Badlands Motorsports Resort is focused on enabling new local motorsports users, as well as attracting motorsports tourists from around the globe. A large user group will facilitate the future development of commercial, resort and residential components already incorporated into the projects Area Structure Plan and development approvals.