Founded by visionary Jay Zelazo and designed by renowned track builder Alan Wilson, Badlands Motorsports Resort is a project over a decade in the making. Dedicated to the pursuit of a world-class motorsports facility and resort destination, the project is now ready for construction.


Success by Design

Award-winning racetrack designer Alan Wilson has designed and completed builds of more than thirty motorsports facilities around the world. He is credited with many safety structures and standards in modern motorsports and has managed some of the world’s most renowned racetracks and events. Alan joined the Badlands Motorsports Resort team early on and presents a unique vision for the project.

Project Location

The Badlands Motorsports Resort development team has purchased nearly a section of land for the development in Kneehill County, approximately 80 minutes northeast of Calgary. 

Located in “The Gateway to the Badlands,” the site is in close proximity to a wide variety of Southern Alberta attractions and recreation opportunities like Horseshoe Canyon, the Royal Tyrrell Museum, and the Hoodoo Trail.

A total of four hundred and twenty-five acres north of the river has been prepared for development. Major elements, including the North Track and future residential and commercial buildings, are to be placed on an upper plateau (formerly cultivated lands) overlooking the Rosebud River Valley and the beautiful landscape of the Badlands below.

Integrating with the Environment

The site features a variety of terrain, with a large plateau serving as a foundation for the development.

Beautiful Vistas

Overlooking the Rosebud River, the site offers incredible and lush views to the South.

Gateway to the Badlands

Looking North-East of the property, and heading towards Drumheller, key features of the Badlands take over.

Rolling Hills

Elevation changes add a critical element of interest to road course designs, and to other recreational areas featured in the resort development.

Indicative of Alberta

Integrating elements of the Foothills, Canadian Badlands, and Prairies, the natural landscape of the development property is an attraction of its own.

Motorsports Facility

A 4.8 km Alan Wilson designed North Track road course is the foundation of Badlands Motorsports Resort. Outlining the plateau region of the property, the multi-configuration North Track can accommodate a variety of driver groups and experience levels.

Commercial Tribune

Catering to a large user group, the Tribune commercial center will provide a range of amenities and services to drivers and guests. Located on the upper plateau, the center acts as a point of entry for the resort and offers an overhead view of recreation options in the valley below.

Environment Reserve

Over 400 acres of property lends opportunities for a variety of recreation options. Environmentally sensitive areas of the property will be isolated and preserved in an environmental reserve easement as defined by a Kneehill County development agreement.

Development Stage 1

Initial construction of the Badlands Motorsports Resort project will begin in 2022 with a focus on the multi-configuration North Track and necessary access roadways. Other elements, including a 3.0km Valley Track, commercial complex, and other elements featured in the Badlands Motorsports Resort Area Structure Plan, will be part of future development stages.

Development Resources

Kneehill County Bylaw 1597 – BMR ASP
Kneehill County Land Use Bylaw 1695
Kneehill County Land Use Bylaw 1657

Badlands Team

Blending passion and experience, our team is positioned to effectively manage and control all stages of the development.

Jay Zelazo

Founder and visionary behind Badlands Motorsports Resort, Dr. Jay Zelazo is an avid driving enthusiast, with experience in grass-roots motorsports throughout North America.

James Zelazo

Mr. Zelazo is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of public practice experience. James has played a key role in pushing the Badlands Motorsports Resort development through municipal and environmental approvals.

Alan Wilson

Track designer and award-winning motorsports professional with more than four decades of experience, Alan Wilson joined the Badlands Motorsports Resort project at its inception and has been key in developing plans for operation.

Engineering Services

Planning and Engineering

Development Authority

Environmental Consulting

Sounds Assessments

Interested in Investing?

For accredited investors, Badlands Motorsports Club Facilities Inc. is qualified to sell securities in the exempt market as an issuer under a private placement memorandum.

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