Project Location


The development site is located in the county of Kneehill, Alberta approximately 30 minutes West of the town of Drumheller, South of Alberta Highway 9. Travel time by car from Calgary International Airport to the site is approximately 80 minutes.

Located in “The Gateway to the Badlands” the site is in close proximity to a wide variety of Southern Alberta attractions and recreation opportunities like Horseshoe Canyon, the Royal Tyrrell Museum, and the Hoodoo Trail.

Four hundred and twenty-five acres north of the river has been rezoned for development. Major elements, including the North Track and all future buildings are to be placed on an upper plateau (formerly cultivated lands) which overlooks the valley and beautiful landscape characteristic of the Badlands below.

Integrating with the Environment

The site features a variety of terrain, with a large plateau serving as a foundation for the development.

Beautiful Vistas

Overlooking the Rosebud River, the site offers incredible and lush views to the South.

Gateway to the Badlands

Looking North-East of the property, and heading towards Drumheller, key features of the Badlands take over.

Rolling Hills

Elevation changes add a critical element of interest to road course designs, and to other recreational areas featured in the resort development.

Indicative of Alberta

Integrating elements of the Foothills, Canadian Badlands, and Prairies, the natural landscape of the development property is an attraction of its own.




The nearest major centre to the development, Calgary is by many measures the fastest growing and wealthiest city in Canada.  Badlands Motorsports Resort is approximately 1hr and 20minutes away from city centre by car.  With a population of more than 1.2million, Calgary is currently the largest city centre in North America without a major motorsports facility located nearby. The Calgary International Airport (YYC) is a major gateway for visitors from far and wide, accepting direct flights from all over the world.



Featuring a variety of world-class attractions, the town of Drumheller epitomizes the Badlands region, and thrives on visiting traffic.  Badlands Motorsports Resort is less than 30 minutes west of the town.



Servicing more than just Calgary, Badlands Motorsports Resort is a short drive from Southern Alberta cities like:

  • Red Deer (1hr 50min)
  • Banff & Canmore (2hr 20min)
  • Lethbridge (2hr 30min)
  • Medicine Hat (2hr 30min)
  • Edmonton (3hr)


  • Badlands Motorsports Resort (2490 hrs)
  • Kelowna (1949 hrs)
  • Victoria (2109 hrs)
  • Toronto (2066 hrs)
  • Ottawa (2084 hrs)

A Winning Climate

With more annual sunshine than any other motorsports facility in Canada, and a minimal amount of annual precipitation, the location is ideal for motorsports and recreation.

In winter months, the area receives the warm Chinook winds that frequently relieve Southern Alberta of cooler temperatures.


  • Badlands Motorsports Resort (349mm)
  • Kelowna (380mm)
  • Victoria (1589mm)
  • Toronto (792mm)
  • Ottawa (943mm)


The fastest growing tourism region in Alberta, the Canadian Badlands offers a wide array of activities and attractions for visitors. Badlands Motorsports Resort is strategically located to act as a hub for further growth.

Rosebud Theatre

Located 6km south-west, the Rosebud Theatre is Alberta’s largest rural professional theatre.

Horseshoe Canyon

Fifteen minutes north of the site; this day use, picnic, and lookout area is a beautiful stratified representation of the last 100 million years of geological development.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Located less than 30minutes north-west of the development, the Royal Tyrrell Museum is a world-renowned dinosaur museum and research facility.