Deposit Holders

Updates to the Badlands Motorsports Resort project in 2020 have led to revised membership terms and benefits. Existing reservation holders are encouraged to read the following FAQ.



What happens to the deposit I placed on the initial vision for the racetrack?

Your deposit is transferred automatically to the new development and remains 100% refundable. You will also be contacted directly by a Representative of Badlands Motorsports to answer any questions.

The Membership tiers have changed since I placed my deposit. What happens next?

Your deposit will be transitioned to the new membership tier most closely matching your interests. A Representative will also follow up with you directly to confirm your preferred tier.

When will I need to complete payment for my membership?

There are a limited number of discounted memberships available prior to opening day and prices will increase as construction progresses. Your deposit secures your option (for a limited time) to purchase a membership at the current discounted price. Once you have been notified of a price increase, you can purchase your membership before expiration of the offer or your deposit will be applied towards the new price.

Will Badlands Motorsports allow motorcycles?

Motorcycles will be able to rent the racetrack for private use and access Badlands as a Corporate Event guest. Badlands also plans to hold motorcycle race days. There is not a membership option for motorcycles at this time.

Can I add people or upgrades to my membership?

Yes. Please enquire for a price list of all optional upgrades to your membership.

How many driving days are available to a Standard Member?

During high season (June 1 – Sept. 15), Standard members are limited to 6 race day reservations. After reaching the reservation limit, Standard members are still welcome on the racetrack anytime the racetrack is not full.

How do I get a refund on my deposit?

All deposits are held in trust with the law firm of Brian N. Lester B.A., L.L.B. Contact our team with the form below to get your refund started.

Additional Inquiries

Have different questions? Looking to update your reservation status? Contact us using the adjacent form. A Badlands representative will contact you shortly.