This Is Badlands Motorsports Resort

A vision born from the pure love of driving, Badlands Motorsports Resort is not simply a racetrack. It is a plan for a motorsports facility that is sustainable, economically viable, and integral to the community that surrounds it. ¬†At the forefront, it is a comprehensive world-class Motorsports Facility that will engage motorists in Southern Alberta and attract drivers from around the globe. Integrated with this facility are plans for a multi-faceted destination that will anchor Alberta’s fastest-growing tourism region, the Canadian Badlands.

More than a decade in the making, many key pieces of the development are already in place. Land for the development has been purchased, re-zoning and Area Structure Plan By-Laws for that land have been passed in Kneehill County, and a Comprehensive Site Development Plan and subdivision approval are in place. With track and facility designs by the renowned Alan Wilson, Badlands Motorsports Resort promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind recreation experience.


A decade in the making, our team combines passion with relevant experience and commitment to change Alberta tourism and motorsports.


An all-encompassing motorsports facility designed by the renowned Alan Wilson for a 425 acre section of the Canadian Badlands.


Badlands Motorsports Resort will be accessible to all drivers via facility rentals, visitor programs, and exclusive membership.