Project Start Date: October 2006

Development Type: Tourism / Recreation

Total Land Area: 425 acres

Governing Municipality: Kneehill, AB

Developer: Badlands Recreation Development Corporation

Developing Consultants: Scheffer-Andrew Ltd. Planners & Engineers, SPECTACLE Bureau, Wilson Motorsport, Sahara LLC, Enviroconsult Inc, Acoustical Consultants Inc., Watt Consulting Group, E2k Engineering Ltd.

Estimated No. Permanent Job Opportunities: 150

Estimated Stage 1 Construction Cost: $52,000,000

What is Badlands Motorsports Resort?

Badlands Motorsports Resort is a comprehensive recreation and tourism development located in Kneehill County, Alberta, Canada. The development features four motorsports courses and accompanying commercial, park and residential features that will make it an attraction for all visitors to Southern Alberta and the Canadian Badlands.

Who is Badlands Motorsports Resort for?

The Motorsports Facility is intended to serve a larger user group that includes club level motorsports competitors and driving enthusiasts, individual visitors looking for unique driving experiences, corporate groups, and a private member group with exclusive access rights. The Motorsports Facility will include two full length road courses, kart track, and skid pad area.

Access will be granted to both motorcycles and four wheeled vehicles that pass mechanical inspections, and mandatory noise limit requirements.

Badlands Motorsports Resort is committed to integrating with the existing network of businesses, attractions and residents that make up the Canadian Badlands region. The first major development travelling East from Calgary into the region, the Badlands Motorsports Resort is intended to be an attraction to all visitors, with a diverse range of amenities and recreation opportunities available.

Where is the project located?
The development site is located in the county of Kneehill, Alberta approximately 30 minutes West of the town of Drumheller, South of Alberta Highway 9.

Travel time by car from Calgary International Airport to the site is approximately 80 minutes.

Located in “The Gateway to the Badlands” the site is in close proximity to a wide variety of Southern Alberta attractions and recreation opportunities like Horseshoe Canyon, the Royal Tyrrell Museum, and the Hoodoo Trail.

What is the project status?

The concept for the development began more than 10 years ago, and a small group of professionals has been working to prepare necessary permitting and construction designs. All lands necessary for the development have been purchased.

In the fall of 2017, The Badlands Motorsports Resort project earned final approvals for development in Kneehill County. Our team is currently in the construction planning stage, and is preparing to commence construction.

Initial construction plans are focused on the development of the Motorsports Facility, and support infrastructure for the site. The first priority for Badlands Motorsports Resort is to establish a world-class driving venue, usable for all motorsports enthusiasts living in or visiting Southern Alberta, and a foundation for additional recreational developments in the future.