Badlands Motorsports Resort

More than Just a Racetrack

Focused on interacting with Alberta’s fastest growing tourism community, Badlands Motorsports Resorts offers a wide variety of activities that extend beyond driving.

Fully Integrated Resort Facility

With beautiful scenery, and a wide range of amenities on site, Badlands Motorsports Resort is destined to be an attraction for more than just motorsports enthusiasts.  Through careful design the natural landscape of the Badlands and river valley is maintained and enhanced. Building design and placement encourages interaction with this environment, creating a welcoming and thrilling atmosphere with a variety of recreational opportunities for all to enjoy.



A 100 room hotel with four uniquely themed wings offers lodging for visitors to the resort and surrounding attractions.  A luxurious Spa offers world-class treatments and views of the valley below. Dining and lounge options offer a relaxing escape from fast paced activities.

Plinth Complex

Incorporating 400 parking stalls, 141 apartment condos, and a variety of recreation and activity areas; the Plinth complex offers a wide range of amenities in a small footprint.


Sixty-seven single family dwellings, range from auto-focused townhouses to luxurious homes on 50ft lots perched high atop the plateau overlooking the Rosebud River valley.

An Open Terrain

A network of pathways offers opportunity to explore the beautiful Badlands and river valley landscape on foot or bicycle, connecting visitors to a variety of green spaces and activity areas distributed across the vast property.










Cross-Country Skiing

Family Play



The province of Alberta, located in Western Canada, covers an area of 661,000 square kilometers and has a population of more than 3.5 million people.  Alberta’s two major cities, Edmonton and Calgary, each have populations in excess of one million people. The Western Canadian market has a population of more than 10 million people, and Calgary’s proximity to the Western United States provides easy access to an overall market of 60.5 million people including 10 states from Colorado to the Pacific Coast.

The Calgary area is served by Canadian and international air carriers through the YYC airport. The airport is supported by a well developed and maintained provincial highway system that extends throughout Southern Alberta, from the Rockies into the Badlands region.

Badlands Motorsports Resort is the nearest and most major tourism development East of Calgary.  It is well positioned to tap into Alberta’s fastest growing tourism economy – the Canadian Badlands.

The Hotel


The centre of all recreational and social activities at the resort, the unique design produces stunning views of the surrounding natural Badlands. The ground floor includes a looped driveway for arrivals, lobby, hotel reception, spa, restaurant, and children’s area. The upper levels include 100 hotel rooms.
Height: ~12.8m
Length: varies, ~85m
Depth: varies, ~85m
Materials: Stone, glass
Levels: 3
Rooms: 100
Family Recreation
Poker Room
Special Events
Tourist Information
By creating four wings, light conditions are ideal and views are possible from any point in the building. Each of the wings is themed and programmed individually and extends from a central reception lobby: An Arrival Circle for car circulation and display faces the road and provides a see-and-be-seen area for arrival and departure, the Restaurant and Terrace face the Rosebud River Valley, the Spa faces the Canyon, and the Children’s Area including Daycare faces the Beach and Outdoor Pool. By facing each of these wings towards adjacent exterior spaces it is possible to create a direct connection between the interior and exterior activities. On the upper levels, 100 hotel rooms provide views in all directions. The central circulation area and Reception Lobby is provided with extensive light through central Patios.
Philip Vandermey

International Architect, SPECTACLE

Luxury Spa

The Southwest wing of the Hotel incorporates a small Spa and pool area cantilevered out over the coulees with tremendous views of the valley below. Offering unique luxury treatments, the Spa will be an attraction to all visitors in the Badlands region and offer a relaxing change of pace to users of the motorsports facility and their families.
The lower level of the hotel includes multiple dining options, including a restaurant and patio area on the south east wing of the hotel. With public access, as well as an exclusive member lounge area, the hotel offers an escape experience for all.


With multiple dining options in the Hotel, the lower level of the Southeast Hotel wing offers a restaurant and patio area that overlooks the valley and Valley Track below.  With public access, as well as an exclusive member lounge, the Hotel offers an exciting getaway experience for all.


A 400 vehicle capacity parkade, serves as a Plinth for two unique residential buildings constructed above it.  The Ess and Terrace buildings combine for 141 apartment units that mingle with recreational and garden spaces supported by the Plinth below. The complex offers views of the neighbouring North Track, Hotel, and natural valley which extends to the South.
The Plinth is a duplex parking structure that integrates approximately 400 parking stalls for residential buildings above and the adjacent Hotel. Due to the slope of the site, if this parking structure is placed underground, views from the residential area to the Straightaway portion of the North Track are blocked. By raising the Plinth one level, views are improved to the adjacent race course and to the green areas on all sides. Residential buildings, each unique from the others and responsive to each particular location, are arranged along the Plinth. A series of differently themed public landscapes based on geographical conditions found in close proximity to the Resort are arranged between buildings, including Canyons, Hoodoos, Corn Maze, Grassy Hill, an Agricultural Grid, a Forest Glade and a Green Valley. An amphitheatre can be used for performances as well as for watching cars round the final turn on the North Track. Restaurant and Café Terraces spill out from the “ESS” building.
Philip Vandermey

International Architect, SPECTACLE

Height: ~5.5m
Length: ~253m
Depth: ~48m
Materials: Concrete
Area: 131, 140 ft²/level
Levels: 2 plus roof-top
Vehicle Parking Stalls: 400
Height: ~17.3m
Depth: ~14.4m
Materials: Aluminum panels, metal mesh, glass
Apartment Units:
Height: ~15.3m
Length: ~72.6m
Depth: ~12.5m (approximate depth of each terraced floor)
Materials:  Translucent panels, glass
Apartment Units:

Plinth Complex Cutout

Maintaining a generous amount of green space yet sill allowing for adequate parking on site is a challenge well solved by the Plinth.  A stacked parkade provides visitor parking for the resort and a raised platform for condominium buildings that grants residents generous views of the surrounding area.

Terrace Building

A five-story building steps towards the North Track and looks down on the main straightaway and start/finish line. An elevated walkway connects the Terrace to the Tribune building and provides an even closer look at action on the high-speed road course. Outdoor spaces for each residential unit face South, and look down to a playground and garden area on the Garden level of the Plinth.

Ess Building

The five-storey Ess building sits above the Plinth and frames the Hotel Plaza while providing extensive views over the North Track, river valley, and Valley Track. A restaurant and café are provided on the Plinth Garden level. Protruding balconies provide space for small groups to gather and view the North and Valley Tracks.

Race Car Friendly Road network

The Plinth Complex and the network of roadways linking to the Hotel, and underground to the Tribune and North Track Paddock, have been designed to accomodate a range of vehicles from low down race cars to large trucks with car hauling trailers.


With world-class resort features and a large array of recreation opportunities both on-site and in the surrounding area, Badlands Motorsports Resort is an opportunity to build a community. The project accommodates a variety of residential developments in addition to the condominium units incorporated into the Plinth complex.
Height: ~10.2m (from grade at front, 13.2m from grade at rear)
Depth: ~20m
Width: ~6m
Materials: Stone, glass
Number of Units:  21
Height: ~10.2m (from grade at front, 13.2m from grade at rear)
Depth: ~15m
Width: ~5.2m
Levels: 3
Materials: Wood, glass, small amounts of other materials
Lot Width: 25 ft
Number of Units:  28
Height ~10.2m (from grade at front, ~13.2m from grade at rear)
Depth ~12.8m
Width ~12.8m
Levels: 3
Materials: Stone, glass, small amounts of other materials
Lot Width: 50 ft
Number of Units:  18

Splendid Views

All residences have been designed to be double orientation, offering views of both activity on the motorsports courses, and the beautifully unique Badlands and river valley landscape.

Row Houses

There are 21 Row Houses proposed (townhouse design), offering medium density living opportunities in a walk-out configuration. They provide double-views, including the North Track to the West and coulee that extends up the escarpment of the river valley to the East.  Each unit is designed to provide a flexible number of bedrooms – from two large master suites to six small bedrooms, and any combination in between. On the main level an exterior roof deck provides an excellent observation zone, while living areas cantilever over the entrances which face the North Track and secondary paddock.

Bend Houses

Consisting of a semi-circle of 28 single family houses on narrow 7.6m (25ft) infill lots, the Bend Houses radiate around the North Track’s hairpin turn fourteen. Contained within the centre of the semi-circle is a large garden where residents and visitors can access shared green areas.  The houses have majestic views out towards the valley and are accessible from a networked pathway configured throughout the site.

Hairpin Villas

Eighteen single-family houses along the North Track hairpin on large 15.2m (50ft) lots create an extravagant residential opportunity in the Alberta Badlands.  Considering topography, they have been designed to correspond to the plateau shape, and offer unrivaled views of the valley 200 ft below.  At the end of the street is a small lookout tower where pedestrians along the networked pathway can climb to view the surrounding area.  At the centre of the peninsula is a shared green space that all visitors and residents can enjoy.