Badlands Motorsports Resort

Focused on providing a superior driving experience, and sustainable operations model, Badlands Motorsports Resort has partnered with renowned track designer and motorsports facility manager Alan Wilson.

Widely known as the most prolific track designer in the world, Alan Wilson has designed more than 37 tracks, and earned multiple international awards for his work.  In addition, he has served as manager for world-class facilities such as Brands Hatch.  His level of experience in facility design, construction, and operations is unrivalled across the globe.

Alan Wilson

Native to South Africa, and a racer since 1963, Alan Wilson’s experiences have taken him all over the world, including Edmonton, Alberta where he spent many of his early years in motorsports. He has since had the opportunity to race and design tracks all over the world, working at all levels of motorsports – from club level racing, to Formula One. Husband to Desiré Wilson, the only woman to ever win a Formula One race, Alan Wilson is still actively involved in the motorsports community, and continues to design tracks all over the globe.

Today, his designs are widely recognized as being amongst the safest and most enjoyable in the world. His facility and event operations expertise has also earned the highest respects. He is well-regarded by all clients, for whom he has delivered race tracks, and remains in consultation with them after construction is complete to address operational concerns.

I can’t remember the exact date, I was approached by the Zelazo’s and asked to come to Calgary. They took me out to a property that was unique because its got this valley, its got an amazing character! It has also got this flat plateau at the top which makes [a location for] one of the tracks. I’ve learned a long time ago that you always try and build two tracks, so you can double the amount of revenue from the same amount of management and operational staff.

We went out [to the property]. It’s on the edge of the Badlands and it’s spectacular. I mean it’s amazing. I immediately fell in love with the property. The interesting thing about the track is the Badlands concept. You’ve got two completely different kinds of environments to deal with. I don’t know of any track in the world that is set in the setting like this.

Alan Wilson

On the Badlands Motorsports Resort property


1982 Formula One Constructors Association
“Championship Event of the Year”
Brands Hatch
1998 Sports Car Club of America
George G. Snively Memorial Award
For contributions to track safety
2006 Professional Motorsports World Expo
“Motorsports Facility of the Year”
Miller Motorsports Park
2008 FIM World Super Bike Championship
“Championship Event of the Year”
Miller Motorsports Park
2013 Professional Motorsports World Expo
Finalist – “Motorsports Facility of the Year”
Inje Speedium
2017 Professional Motorsports World Expo
Finalist – “Motorsports Facility of the Year”
Ningbo Speedpark
2017 Professional Motorsports World Expo
“Motorsports Facility of the Year”
Thermal Club


Major Track Designs

Barber Motorsports Park
Mont Tremblant
Pittsburgh International Race Complex
Carolina Motorsports Park
Gingerman Raceway
Mid America Motorplex
Arizona Motorsports Park
Miller Motorsports Park
Autobahn Country Club
Motorsports Park Hastings
NOLA Motorsports Park
Calabogie Motorsports Park
The Thermal Club
Inje Speedium
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Pikes Peak International Raceway
Denver CART
Columbus IMSA GTP
Minneapolis Trans-Am
Grand Rapids Trans-Am
Dallas Fair Park Trans-Am
Dallas Addison Trans-Am
Dallas Reunion Arena
Sears Point Karting Center
The Track at Centennial
New Jersey Motorsports Park Kart Track
Gainesville Raceway
TRC Dynamic Handling Course
Speedpark Beijing
Ningbo Speedpark

The North Track is much more the traditional type of racetrack. That is, you build it to meet all kinds of standards for all kinds of racing. The Valley Track is a totally different kettle of fish. It has got huge elevation changes. It’s not so much a [conventional] racetrack as a driving track.

The first thing that I try and do with any track, is make it challenging for the driver. To make it fun I put something into every corner. Every corner sequence [should] challenge the driver. I don’t want him to have accidents, but I’m fine with him having incidents.

Safety is the most important thing in, in any design. I’ve tried to meet the highest possible standards of safety in everything I’ve done. I want to be able to spin-off, not hit anything, come into the pits, come to a clean toilet (which is different to most tracks), change my underwear and go out and do it again.

Alan Wilson

On track designs at Badlands Motorsports Resort

Deeply involved in the recent trend for motorsports facilities to utilize membership access and luxurious amenities alongside the driving experience, Alan Wilson has designed and assisted with the operations of successful facilities like Autobahn Country Club, Thermal Club and NOLA.  His experience with all-encompassing facilities that are comparable to Badlands Motorsports Resort, and his eagerness to be involved in facility operations, creates great confidence for Badlands Motorsports Resort going forward.

I’ve learned from so many, and I’ve learned that there’s always a certain management core. If you’ve only got one revenue stream, the chances of making a profit from that [one stream] is much less than if you’ve got ten revenue streams in the same facility with the same management core.

The concept is to have the multiple, non-conflicting revenue streams. You can have a corporate training up on the [top half of the] North track, you can have driver training on the lower half of the North Track, and you can have a totally different group on the Valley Track – all run by the same management team. So now you’re getting three sets of revenue from that. Add the Kart Track and you’re getting four, add the hotel, you’re getting five. Add the slalom and the skidpad and you’re getting six.

I maintain a good relationship with all my old tracks. I go out of my way to give them the benefits of my experience. Very few of my tracks have been developed by people who know racing. They’re people who have enjoyed going to tracks. They’ve been exposed to motorsports as enthusiasts. Virtually every single one of my customers have been someone who is at the fringes of motorsport but are businessmen. I’ve had to teach them the business of racing.

Alan Wilson

On operating Badlands Motorsports Resort