Badlands Motorsports Resort

A primary focus of Badlands Motorsports is the growth and development of motorsports activities in Western Canada. Motivated by a passion for driving, the facility plans to expand the regions traditional motorsports usergroup with accessible and affordable programs, and a variety of driving experiences.

Operating with a semi-private access model, Badlands Motorsports Resort facilities will be available for rent, offer in house visitor programs and exclusive member access.



Corporate groups, motorsports clubs and private parties will have access to each of the motorsports facilities driving courses (multi-configuration North Track, Kart Track, Skidpad and Valley Track) at rates that are projected to be very competitive with other North American facilities.

Visitor Programs

In house visitor programs including high performance drivers training, thrilling one lap experiences, and even vehicle rentals, allow casual visitors, and curious enthusiasts the opportunity to experience driving on a closed course.


Member Group

For those who want the ability to explore the limits of car and driver on their own time, Badlands Motorsports Resort membership packages offer open lapping, club level competition events, exclusive experiences and school opportunities, as well as access to unique site amentities.

Four Unique Courses

Fully built, the Badlands Motorsports Resort facility can accomodate up to six groups at the same time, when considering the multi-configuration nature of the North Track and Kart Track

That might allow, for example:

  • Exclusive member activities on the Valley Track.
  • Visitor programming on the North Track Configuration 3
  • Private group rental on North Track Configuration 4 (South loop).
  • Emergency Services training on the Skidpad.
  • Recreational karting on the Kart Track North End.
  • Corporate karting group on the Kart Track South End.

Membership Plans and Pricing

Focusing on a wide user group, a variety of membership levels are planned.  In addition to traditional auto-focused individual memberships, corporate level memberships, as well as motorcycle or kart focused membership packages will be available.

All membership packages use the model of a one-time initiation fee, with annual dues. Each membership is lifetime and resalable, including open track access, guest driving days, high-performance school sessions and more.

Standard one-time initiation fee$12,500$25,000$50,000$100,000
Annual membership dues$1,250$2,500$5,000$8,500
Number of individuals covered under plan1112
Options for immediate family member memberships at discounted ratesyesyesyesyes
Total number of annual road course days204080unlimited
Total number of free guest driving days annually24824
Free entry to advanced driving school sessions/annually1234
Membership durationlifetimelifetimelifetimelifetime
Initiation Fee financing available*yesyesyesyes
Resalable membershipyesyesyesyes

*Rates and details coming soon.
Final pricing and benefits to be determined during construction.


Parties interested in purchasing a membership at Badlands Motorsports Resort, can reserve their right to a future membership purchase, with a $1000 deposit.

Reservation deposits will be held in a laywer’s trust account, and are 100% refundable up until the date of paving.

Visitor Experiences

Drivers of all kinds will have the ability to drive at Badlands Motorsports Resort by joining a group that has rented the facility, or by participating in a variety of in house visitor programs.

School Programs

Visitors can participate in one of our year round school and training programs using either personal or facility vehicles. Winter programs taking advantage of the large skidpad, and classrooms in the adjacent Tribune will provide a driving experience unique to Badlands Motorsports Resort.

Dream Car Experience

A model that has proven successful at venues all over the globe, BMR will allow visitors the opportunity to experience the Canadian Badlands at high speeds by putting one of their favourite vehicles on our North Track with the assistance of a professional instructor.

Drop-In Lapping

After achieving appropriate certification, driving enthusiasts who may not have the time or means to take advantage of facility membership, could use their own vehicles and equipment to join select open track sessions on any of the four driving courses operated by Badlands Motorsports Resort.

Commercial Ideas

Capturing the pace and excitement of a closed course drive, high performance focused automotive dealerships or specialty vendors could utilize the Motorsports Facility as a tool for vehicle sales. Commercial space in the Tribune building could serve as a showroom, while the Skidpad or neighboring North Track might allow purchasers to experience a vehicles true performance potential.