Badlands Motorsports Resort

Led by visionary Jay Zelazo, the Badlands Motorsports Resort is a project over a decade in the making. Dedicated to the pursuit a world-class motorsports facility and resort destination, Zelazo and his team has partnered with professionals like racetrack designer and facility manager Alan Wilson, and global architect Philip Vandermey of SPECTACLE. Such a comprehensive development project has required intensive planning and preparation.

It is now ready for construction!

Our Team

Blending passion and experience, our team is positioned to effectively manage and control all stages of the development.

Development Team Executive

Jay Zelazo

Chief Executive Officer and visionary behind Badlands Motorsports Resort, Dr. Jay Zelazo is an avid motorsports competitor and driving enthusiast. He is a practicing radiologist and Director of CT for Canada Diagnostics Centres.

James Zelazo

Chief Financial Officer Mr. James Zelazo is responsible for financial and accounting matters, including the preparation of business plans, budgets and financial statements. He is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of public practice.

Development Partners

Alan Wilson - Wilson Motorsport International

Racetrack designer extraordinaire, Alan Wilson is known across the globe for his success designing and managing motorsports facilities. The award winning designer began racing in 1954, and is still deeply involved in motorsports. He was recently awarded “Motorsports Facility of the Year” at the Professional Motorsports World Expo for his work at The Thermal Club.

Having converted 37 designs from paper to asphalt, Alan has the expertise to bring Badlands Motorsports Resort into fruition and carry it forward for decades to come.

SPECTACLE - Philip Vandermey

Architect Philip Vandermey – of SPECTACLE Bureau for Architecture and Urbanism – is experienced in the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape, and object design. An internationally recognized firm, founder Philip Vandermey and partner Jessie Andjelic are native to Southern Alberta. They are active in projects all over the province, and strong advocates for sustainability and integration with natural landscapes.
Ancient buildings, such as the Roman Circus, framed racing activities within the boundaries of architecture. Today, the speed and scale of modern race courses extend beyond architecture, and relate directly with their surrounding landscapes. Architecture at this scale becomes an object to move around, to move past, and to move through.

Architecture and vehicles have always had a unique connection; architecture is often the backdrop that frames beautiful cars in advertisements, and architectural photographs often feature luxury cars next to exclusive villas. How to create spaces that frame and compliment the movement of cars, and architecture that is meant to be viewed at different speeds? How to enhance the experience of racing by providing a unique race course that weaves between buildings and landscapes?

Philip Vandermey

Partner, SPECTACLE Bureau for Architecture & Urbanism

Executive Project Manager

Planning and Engineering

Development Authority

Environmental Consulting

Sounds Assessments

Road Planning

Engineering Services


October 2005

Land Purchased

With Calgary’s longstanding motorsports facility – Race City Motorsports Park – still in operation, founder Jay Zelazo imagined a second high end motorsports facility for the area. Offering courses designed to the highest safety standards and amenities for all, the vision was for a facility that would encourage motorsports growth and draw visitors from all over the globe.


The perfect plot of land for the development was discovered in October 2005. Nearly a square mile of land located just over an hour North-East of Calgary, the property is composed of a variety of terrain: agricultural lands, beautiful hoodoos, and river valley. After consulting with race track designer and motorsports facility manager Alan Wilson, the property was purchased.

August 2013

ASP Approved

With the concept for the development defined, the Badlands Motorsports Resort Area Structure Plan was passed in Kneehill County as Bylaw 1597. The first step of approvals was complete.

January 2014

Land Use Bylaw Approved

Through Kneehill County Bylaw 1657, the property acquired for the development of Badlands Motorsports Resort was re-zoned from designation A, to DC-4. Bylaw 1657 was later amended in Bylaw 1695 (May 26, 2015).

May 2017

Project Sub-Division Approved

The project lands were approved for sub-division into sections to facilitate development.

June 2017

Development Agreement Completed

The Badlands Motorsports Resort  Comprehensive Site Development Plan is finalized after extensive studies and assessments done in consultation with a professional team of developers and engineers. A Development Agreement with Kneehill County is finalized.

February 2020

Development Agreement & Approvals Updated

Badlands Motorsports Resort Sub-Division Approvals and Development Agreements updated with Kneehill County Municipal Planning Commission. Badlands Motorsports Resort Development Agreement was updated with Kneehill Municipal Council.

March 2020

Environmental Approvals

Approvals under the Alberta Environment & Parks Water Act and Environmental and Protection and Enhancement Acts authorize the placement and/or modification of five wetlands; and the construction, operation, and maintenance of a stormwater management system. These are the final approvals required to start construction.

Looking Forward

An all-encompassing motorsports facility set in a stunning landscape, Badlands Motorsports Resort is focused on enabling new local motorsports users, as well as attracting motorsports tourists from around the globe. A large user group will facilitate the future development of commercial, resort and residential components already incorporated into the projects Area Structure Plan and development approvals.